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September 9, 2021

Successful recruitment shouldn’t cost the Earth. That’s why Nomad HR and Recruitment believes in a fair deal for everyone. We use our extensive experience to find the perfect fit for our clients and candidates, while making sure the price is right.  

We’re often asked how our fees are calculated. Rest assured, there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Unlike most recruiters, we don’t charge any kind of ‘success fee’ when a candidate starts their new role. We charge for our time, so there isn’t an eye-watering commission fee to worry about.

At Nomad HR and Recruitment, we are fully invested in finding the right person to fill a vacancy. So we charge for the time we spend on doing just that. We don’t ask for some arbitrary ‘success fee’ that leaves a big hole in your budget.

Our ‘Right First Time’ approach means we go the extra mile to get to know our clients and the individual candidates, so we can make the perfect match. The work we carry out is tailored to achieve the right outcome for the company and the candidate.

Save Money

We don’t simply send out a pile of traditional CVs and hope for the best. We have been using video introductions as part of our recruitment process for years.  

Not only does the video demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to the role, but it also helps the client to see that individual’s communication skills and personality before an interview. It’s a valuable tool in helping to save time and money.

However, the rewards for successful recruitment shouldn’t only be the financial kind. For Nomad HR and Recruitment, it’s also important to ‘give something back’ through our social enterprise work.

Over the last eighteen months, many young people have faced unprecedented challenges and disappointments due to the pandemic. As a result, Nomad has been determined to make a difference to the lives of those who need a helping hand.

Charity Support

As a former youth worker, I’m passionate about supporting vulnerable young people to develop and find their potential. I’m a Trustee of the charity Positive Youth Foundation which aims to boost personal development through areas like education, employment and the arts.

In addition to giving time to help with things like CV writing and interview skills, Nomad has also been involved in a campaign to collect clothes which young people can wear for job interviews. The Dress to Impress project was set up by the charity Doorway, which supports young homeless people.

We’ve been amazed by the huge number of donations. There were more than 260 items, many of them brand new and with their original tags, or hardly worn. What’s more, they were all beautifully clean and ironed.

The charity said it was overwhelmed by the response to the campaign. When a young candidate knows they have the right things to wear for an interview, it can make all the difference in boosting their confidence and creating the right impression.

It just goes to show that finding the right person – the right fit – for a vacancy doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for a fair deal when it comes to recruitment, Nomad has the solution.

We’ll help you find the best talent with the strongest skills to fit your organisation. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch.


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We'll help you find the best talent with the strongest skills to fit your organisation.
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