Reaping The Benefits of a New Job

July 8, 2021

There’s more to life than earning lots of money. I know it’s a sweeping statement, but where job recruitment is concerned, it’s not always just about the salary. There can be many factors involved in matching the right candidate with the right vacancy. That’s where Nomad HR and Recruitment can make all the difference.  

As the UK economy prepares to emerge from the pandemic, different types of company benefits are becoming ever more important for job-hunters. For example, the opportunity to work flexibly from home, for some or all of the time, can be a deal breaker in some cases.

In a recent report, a senior policy adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said now was the ideal time to change the traditional ways of working. Research found a third of workers could actually leave their jobs if employers didn’t embrace flexible working.

Adopting such a policy can also help employers to attract talented people who may not have applied previously. Those candidates are more likely to apply for jobs further away from home if they know they won’t have to commute every day. At Nomad, we can match the right candidate with the right job, thanks to our individual and tailored approach to recruitment.

Perks That Work

For some candidates, securing the right work-life balance is more important than the salary being offered. An employee might enjoy the flexibility of being able to take their children to school a couple of days a week. As a result, a fulfilled and happy member of staff can be more productive, while the cost to the employer is minimal.

A survey by the digital marketing agency Fractl found that, after health insurance, employees place the highest value on benefits that are relatively low-cost to employers, such as flexible hours, more paid holiday and work-from-home options.

Even before the pandemic, an article in the Harvard Business Review showed that most people believed that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. The same report gave an interesting insight into how employers can attract employees by offering certain benefits, without it breaking the bank.

Indeed, companies don’t need to offer the highest salaries if they consider a complete package of benefits. A recent article for People Management explained that many people check an employers’ diversity and inclusion policies before accepting a job offer. The culture and values within a company are often the most important factors when someone is considering a new job.

Chair Massages

Some of the giant global tech companies are said to offer glamorous perks, which apparently include lunches made by a professional chef, chair massages and yoga classes. But what appears to be a generous benefit for some people, is a waste of time and money for others.

Take parents, for example. When it comes to potential jobs, they value flexible hours and a healthy work-life balance above salary and health insurance. That’s according to a survey in the United States by FlexJobs.  

Work flexibility ranked as the most important factor when parents were asked about potential jobs. Retirement benefits and health insurance came much lower down the list. Even the company’s reputation was less important than having the right work-life balance.

Reap The Benefits

Looking to the future, the parents in the survey didn’t seem worried that a flexible job could hurt their careers in the long run. A very small percentage said they were ‘very concerned’ that having a flexible work arrangement would damage their career progression.

Covid has changed the way many people not only think about their jobs, but where they actually do their work too. The right work-life balance is now much higher up the priority list.

So, whether you’re an employer or a potential candidate, if you’re looking to improve the recruitment process or find that ideal job, contact Nomad to ensure you reap the real benefits of a flexible approach.


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