Pingdemic? Make It Personal!

July 27, 2021

Successful recruitment is vital for every organisation. At a time when a number of sectors are struggling with a shortage of available workers, due to the so-called ‘pingdemic,’ it’s never been more important to recruit effectively.

With many employees having to self-isolate due to arising number of Covid cases, the pool of available talent is becoming much smaller. That’s where the personal approach of Nomad HR and Recruitment can make all the difference.

It’s so important to have a tailored approach when attracting the right people to the right role, avoiding ‘the computer says no’ response.

Over the last few weeks, one of the things I’ve noticed about various businesses and the way they recruit is how automated their systems are. Now, automation in general may be a good thing on a production line, but it doesn’t produce the best candidate.

Tunnel Vision

The last thing a company should do is make it more difficult for someone to apply for a job because their recruitment process is so inflexible.

Through my own research I’ve discovered just how off-putting some application processes can be. The different stages you’re asked to complete are like walking through a tunnel not knowing if there’s any light at the end of it.

Those steps go something like this….

·       Visit their website

·       Create an account on their system

·       Log in to your account on their system

·       Find their application form

·       Complete their application form

·       Hope for the best

At no stage is there any interaction with a human being. You can complete all the steps listed above and still be none the wiser about what the salary is or what the job actually involves. Different companies can pay different rates for the same job title.

Lord Lucan

In one example, candidates were invited to ‘log in for more details.' But there was no additional information once they had logged in.

So why would anyone want to spend time filling out a generic form for a job they don’t have the full details for? OK, you might say, I’ll just get in touch with someone to ask a few questions. Good luck with that idea.

Searching for the contact details of someone who might be able to help answer questions about a vacancy can be like trying to pin-point the fate of Lord Lucan. In other words, ‘the computer says no.’

And if you try to circumvent the process by using your initiative, more barriers appear. Visiting a company’s Facebook page can leave the potential candidate with a status bordering on exasperated.

Try sending a message via Facebook, asking to speak to someone for more details about a vacancy, and the reply is usually a simple but frustrating one: If you have any questions, send us your CV along with your queries and we’ll get back to you.

I’m afraid that particular application process quickly becomes a case of ‘the candidate says no.’

That’s why giving potential candidates the opportunity to discuss things initially is so important. Otherwise, companies can easily drive talented people away from applying. At Nomad HR and Recruitment, it’s something I pride myself on.

Personal Touch

I believe that taking the time to get to know someone - and whether they would be the right fit for a job - is just as important as the prospective candidate having the chance to ask questions about the vacancy.  

A recent study from the research and advisory firm Gartner identified that – in a competitive jobs market -  the recruitment processes of some companies have now become outdated. They need to adapt to a new landscape.  

As candidates become increasingly selective about where they work, businesses need to make the recruitment process as user-friendly as possible and offer attractive benefits.

A survey by the global employment website Monster outlined this changing picture. It suggested that while many believe employees are driven by basic factors, like money, the evidence shows that intrinsic motivations, such as the enjoyment of the role, are far more important.

In business-speak, it’s called a compelling ‘employment value proposition.’ Yes, I know, it sounds very American! In other words, it’s not only salary that matters, but things like flexible working hours, career development, job security and the ability to work remotely.  

Pull all those aspects together – along with a personal approach - and a business has a much better chance of hiring the right person. To make the recruitment process work for you, start by contacting us here at Nomad HR and Recruitment.


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