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September 7, 2020

Some quick tips for job seekers on how to get noticed and how to best optimise your search time.

If this helps just one person, that would be a bonus.


Check that:

– You have a powerful personal statement saying what role you are looking for and the experience you have. Your whole career should be summarised in one opening paragraph so you grab the Recruiter’s attention in the first 30 seconds.

– Your contact details are on the front page.

– It is well formatted, free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Add colour to make it stand out.

– It is up to date. If you have finished work, include the end date as this could make a huge difference by letting companies know you are available immediately.

– Ideally, two or three pages maximum. Some profiles work well as a one page profile, but that does depend on the industry and how many years experience you’ve got.


Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date:

– Add a current photo

– Update your headline to say you are available immediately / looking for new opportunities

– Request five recommendations

– Complete all the jobs that you’ve had and make sure that you reference it back to the company, so the little grey box has a logo next to it.

– Add any interests and follow any companies that interest you, because I also think that’s key to showing your personality

From there, create a status update asking your connections for assistance saying you are looking for new employment. Be specific of where /what you are seeking, including job title hashtags and others such as #readyforwork #jobseeker #jobsearch #jobsearching #jobhunt #jobhunting #jobhunter #jobseeking #recruitment

People like to help and will hopefully share jobs with you, recommend you for roles and like your post to get more visibility.

Take the offer of 30 days free premium LinkedIn. I haven’t tested this to know it’s effectiveness but anything free is generally a good idea.

Connections are key

Could this be something you also put on Facebook? I had been speaking with a candidate with lettings experience. Later that evening, I saw a friend had shared a lettings job in their home town. It was meant to be!

I now share every job that I see advertised on my Facebook and LinkedIn in the hope that it will benefit somebody.

Job Boards

This is pretty similar to the above:

– Add a photo on your account profile

– How far are you willing to travel? What salary range are you looking for? Full time, part time or contract?

– Complete every question asked as the more detail you input, the better job matches will be sent to you and you can be headhunted for the right opportunities.

Be focused and prepared for each application

The key part is to research the company that you are applying to and create an application specifically for that job. Highlight your relevant industry experience and say why you are a fit for the role.

I rarely receive a covering letter with a CV. I’m always impressed with the effort when I do receive one, as it is so easy to apply for hundreds of jobs by just pressing “apply now” or swiping on your phone. Be creative and stand out from the crowd.

Good luck! And please let me know if these help you in any way.

Amy @ Nomad HR and Recruitment


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