Top Candidates for Start Up Company, No Agent

Talent Search

No Agent are the UK’s first fully digital lettings agent and are positioned as one of the top start-up companies to watch. In order to create their high performance team, they only appoint very talented individuals able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Nomad HR & Recruitment undertook a search for a Lettings Progressor and Customer Sales Advisor for them to expand their team. Experience in lettings was advantageous, and in a short space of time Nomad had found perfect candidates who could provide an outstanding performance in every aspect such as customer service.

Client Experience

The client got to experience a very efficient way to recruit. In a short space in time (and over a bank holiday), they had received one candidate for each vacancy. This meant that they didn’t have to waste valuable time in the short-listing process, it had already been completed. Subsequently, interviews were conducted within a week with job offers made.

Right First Time

Amy Foster, Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment, said “Getting the right candidate put in front of the client first-time is my mantra. I will only put forward candidates I know are capable of delivering an outstanding performance in the role. As a fast-paced organisation, I know that No Agent appreciated the Lean and quick process I offer for recruitment.”


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