Right First Time comes naturally to Lean Recruiter

Right First Time

When a leading metal finisher approached Amy Foster of Nomad HR & Recruitment to help them fill their HR & Training Manager vacancy, Amy instinctively knew that headhunting was the way forward to find the right candidate.

Having previously recruited the General Manager of the company, he trusted Nomad’s Right First Time philosophy and trusted that the one candidate that Amy sent across would be the exact one, as he had undergone the strict recruitment criteria himself.

New Methods

Amy used her outstanding headhunting skills to look for likely candidates and within 2 days the perfect match had been found and assessed.

Rather than sending across a traditional CV, Amy used an unusual introduction method. Amy asked the candidate to make a short video to introduce themselves to the company prior to interview; covering their experience and key skills for the role. The video ensured the candidates commitment to the process and allowed them to stand out at this early stage. It also showed that the candidate was prepared to go the extra mile for the role and gave the client an insight to the candidate’s communication skills before meeting them.

Perfect Fit

Amy Foster, Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment said, “I absolutely love getting the perfect match between candidate and company. This candidate had the right experience, the right personality and lived in the perfect location to the client. Once again, my Right First Time methods worked.”

Client Testimonial

The client said, “His background and personality are a perfect fit for this role. He has just jumped right in.”


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