Modular Housing – Top Talent for a Growing Company

Meeting Candidates

Having the perfect candidate already vetted can really speed up the recruitment process. This is what happened when Central Site Accommodation Ltd approached Nomad HR & Recruitment to find a Project Manager.

A background in Construction was a pre-requisite for the company who builds off-site modular housing. The role of Project Manager needed somebody to deliver outstanding leadership in manufacturing process.

Additional Skills

Nomad HR & Recruitment had previously spoken to a perfect candidate who had a strong background in Construction and could also bring Lean Practices to the growing company to add value in a short space of time. In fact, when interviewed, the strengths that the candidate brought to the company were so great that they promoted the role from Project Manager to Operations Manager to reflect the candidate’s abilities.

Right First Time

Amy Foster, Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment, said, “I always think it is important to discover talented individuals with unique skills, so when companies are recruiting I can target the perfect candidate straight away. This was another example of how we only put forward the right person for the role.”


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