Micronclean – Getting Recruitment Right First Time

Right First Time

When the top supplier of clean garments to the food and manufacturing industries, Micronclean, were looking for a new Laboratory Assistant, they looked to Nomad HR & Recruitment to find their next employee. The candidate needed experience in running a wide range of microbiological, chemical and physical tests, and a good ability to interpret test results. Micronclean had previously recruited with Nomad and benefitted from the ‘Right First Time’ philosophy it employs when putting forward candidates.

Remote Recruitment

Nomad searched the country to find the perfect candidate and discovered them in Leeds but the role was based in Lincolnshire. With an agreement to relocate, a telephone interview was conducted. The candidate was invited to a face-to-face interview and then successfully appointed for the role.


Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment, Amy Foster, commented, “I always go the extra mile to get the right candidate for the role. With a relocation to add to the mix, I worked with Micronclean to get recommendations on where to live and the company even organised a car share to get to work so she was part of the Micronclean family from the very first day.”


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