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Client Partnerships

At Nomad HR & Recruitment, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to understand a client’s true requirements and advise them on the best way to attract the right candidates. By working in partnership with our clients, we can them employ Lean Recruitment methods to ensure that we get the position filled with the right person, first time; saving the client both time and money. When Micronclean contacted us about a role for an Interim Technical and QA Manager, this was a highly technical role, in a very specialist industry, in a remote area of the country (Skegness) where the skills needed were not readily available.

Lean Recruitment

Nomad then undertook a thorough scour of the market to headhunt potential candidates selecting only the best talent in the area. To streamline the service for our client we then selected only the best candidate that we felt would integrate seamlessly into the organisation, whilst having the skills necessary to perform the role. This meant that only one stand-out candidate was submitted to the client for interview and who was subsequently hired.

Client Testimonial

Sarah Straughton, HR Manager at Micronclean said, “Thank you for finding a suitable candidate so quickly and efficiently. We didn’t even have to see anyone else which I don’t think has ever happened at this level before!”

Amy Foster, Director at Nomad HR and Recruitment commented, “More and more of our clients are opting for our Lean Recruitment option meaning that they only receive one candidate, the very best one. It is really quick and efficient meaning that you can progress from job spec to offer in less than four weeks, saving you time and money in the process.”


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