Delivering Outstanding Candidate Experience Too

Treating Candidate with Respect

At Nomad HR & Recruitment, we often focus on what a streamlined, efficient process we run for our clients, but did you know that we also treat candidates in the same professional manner?

All too often candidates can go through the recruitment process without knowing what the next steps are or receive very little communication from the recruiter, and we aim to change that.

Clear Communication

When recruiting for a Sales & Marketing Executive role, Amy Foster instinctively knew the right type of person and attitude for the role. To ensure that the candidate knew what to expect from the process, the interview dates and recruitment timings were clearly communicated in the job advert.

Look beyond the CV

After receiving the applications, Amy Foster, Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment, spent time speaking to the best candidates to tease out any skills that could be transferable to the job and found the perfect candidate.

Preparing for Interviews

After speaking to candidates, Amy had uncovered a recent graduate who had great qualities and experience to offer to an employer, but had not been for a formal interview in the UK before. Amy spent time with the candidate to ensure that they understood what the interview process was like and built their confidence so they would undertake the interview without being nervous.

Due to issues with the application portal, the candidates CV was not received in a suitable format but this was quickly resolved so that it could be sent to the employer in a more attractive style.

Those who were unsuccessful were also communicated to in a professional manner at the time that they applied, so they didn’t have to wait to find out they were not being selected.

Candidate Testimonial

The candidate said, “I had the best recruitment experience due to Amy who is an excellent communicator and someone you can tell loves her job. With a fantastic, positive and professional attitude, she gave me the confidence to present the best version of myself at the interview and facilitated the whole process. I strongly recommend this agency and their services.”


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