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Continuous Search for Talent

While Nomad HR & Recruitment don’t ‘hold’ CV’s on file, we will actively talk to potential candidates even when there isn’t a role available. This is so that we can understand where that individual’s strengths lie, the skills they can bring to a role, and the type of culture they will easily fit into. These are things that won’t necessarily show up on a generic CV search that other recruiters use.

The Client

So when a market leading Metal Finisher contacted Nomad HR & Recruitment to discuss their forthcoming General Manager vacancy, we already knew the perfect candidate. Based in the local area of the business, we already knew that the candidate was open to changing roles. With a strong background in Lean manufacturing, they could bring industry-leading techniques to the industrial process.

Perfect Fit

Upon interview, the client not only impressed with the candidates fit to the job specification, but also a cultural fit with their company values. The benefit of only having one candidate to interview was that the company could make a swift decision to progress to the job offer.

Right The First Time

Amy Foster, Director of Nomad HR & Recruitment said “It always makes me happy to instantly put together the right candidate and company. I had been talking to this candidate for over two years and when this role became available I knew they would be the perfect fit. Once again, we have a one CV hire, demonstrating time and time again we provide quality over quantity of candidates, saving employers both time and money when recruiting.”


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