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The Kindness Project 2018

We wanted to celebrate Nomad’s 3rd birthday in a different way by promoting positive mental health and well-being. In a busy world it’s often difficult to spend time making gestures of kindness. 

For the first 25 people to offer their help, we are sending £10 to spend on three random acts of kindness.  You don’t need to spend money on this as there are many things that are free to do but this may give you some extra creativity.

We are inviting people to take photos of their actions (bearing in mind people’s privacy) and post them to social media (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) with the hashtag #nomadgivingback.

We have a team of volunteers from all corners of the world; New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India and here in the UK who will each spend time making three people happy. What other countries can we plot on the map?

We ask that the acts of kindness are posted by Friday 24th August.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!!! Let your creativity run wild!

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